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The Comfospine™ Orthopaedic Lumbar Pillow is the world’s most advanced orthopaedic Memory Foam back cushion, which provides the necessary comfort and relief for the back and hips.


The Only Leg Pillow that Does it All!


Hevea Milk

Milky white "sap" of the Rubber tree, collected much like Maple tree sap. The hevea milk used at Comfospine is sourced from Indonesia, collected from rubber plantations where acceptable working conditions are maintained and there is no practice of child labor. This hevea milk is processed to make our 3rd Generation Memory Foam.

3rd Generation Memory Foam

A foam made from Hevea Milk (rubber tree sap) which is known for its durability, support qualities, and purity.

Organic Essential Oils

A natural and healthy alternative to man-made oils or petroleum. Lavender, Juniper essence and Argan Oil all help us achieve proper consistency in our memory foam.

Worldwide Presence

We exhibit our technology and solutions at a great variety of fairs and healthy lifestyle and/or medical related conferences in countries all over the world.



I love the design of this pillow. It is very comfortable between your knees, soft but totally supportive and best of all you can turn over to your other side without losing it. Also the removable, washable cover is smooth and does not get caught up in the sheets. I have tried several other designs and this had none of the problems the others did. 

Amelie Byrne - Oregon, USA

This pillow has been the best product to help alleviate back pain!! In the past regular pillows shift and move throughout the night, the way the Comfospine pillow is designed l, it stays right where it is placed all night long!!

Erica Ford - Winnipeg, Canada

This pillow was purchased to protect my knees but it went far beyond that. Much to my surprise it has allowed me to sleep more soundly through the night as well as wake up with no back pain in the morning. Its benefits far out way the cost as well as being very comfortable.

Becky Holgate - Texas, USA

For a few years now I've experienced lower back pain when i first wake up in the morning. Being a side sleeper evidently has contributed to that. After watching a FB advertisement for this pillow it dawned on me that some of my problems might be due to sleeping on my side and throwing my back out of whack. After just a few nights using this pillow, my lower back pain in the morning is non-existent. I love it!

Tatiana Cummings

Love this little pillow. Noticed a difference the first night I used it. Have not had hip or back discomfort since. I recommend it!

Amelie Cooper - Adelaide, Australia

I was having sciatica pain, and was using a pillow to combat the pain. This little pillow from Comfospine is great and stays in place much better than a regular pillow, especially when turning from one side to the other side. Keeps your top leg on top of the bottom leg when I sleep on my side. Love it. Got my wife one too.

Malcolm Gould - Florida, USA

So glad I purchased this. I use this every night to help get to sleep. Supports legs whether sleeping on back or side. Very well made as I am on month 4. Cover comes off so it can be washed. Early I was wearing a boot to bed post-surgery and this made side sleeping much easier.

Lauren Graham - Leeds, UK

Comfortable pillow, relived my back pain that I would wake up with in the morning. Would totally recommend!

Aleena Rios - California, USA

I purchased this item for a bed-bound patient and it works very well when placed so that the boney areas are protected. I love the fact that the cover is easy to remove and washes very well. A good buy for the support and comfort it provides for those who are bed-bound.

Jessica Harper - NYC, USA